Liking Social Media Posts

By: Rachel Porier

I’m aiming to “like” running more. Not the actual running, I already love that. But it’s hard to “like” the social media posts that people write about their running successes. Even though I have the drive, passion, and discipline to run the distances touted in those posts, my feet are not up to the challenge. For a while I was unable to run at all, so when I could run, every little mile felt like victory. But now, I’m in an ungrateful phase where I envy those who have accomplished more than me.  

And yet, I am determined to get over myself and add my “likes” to the other runners’ posts.

Because... there are brokenhearted and lonely people that like my posts about how in love I am with my husband.

Because ...there are people that have never gone to Disneyland and “like” my post about riding on the California Screamin’ roller coaster.

Because ...there are people that are never able to travel in the summer but like my posts about driving all the way to Cape Hatteras.

Because ...there are people that have lost their own children to cancer, miscarriages, and other tragedies, and still like my posts about my kids having a great basketball game.

I say this not so that we don'’ post our celebrations and joys in life, but so that we start joining in others’ celebrations more. And in my case, I can certainly be inspired and motivated by other runners’ posts to run that extra mile!

Rachel Porier, a guest writer for Just Between Us, is an author, an eighth grade math teacher, and has led women’s ministries at church plants. She’s passionate about using her life experiences to point people to Jesus. Additionally, she is a mom to two teenage boys and has been married for 22 years.