Whispers in the Woods

By: Connie Fink

How many times have we read “The Lord is my Shepherd” with so much familiarity that it has lost its meaning? One way to refresh it is saying it slowly, emphasizing each word. 

THE Lord is my Shepherd. 

The LORD is my Shepherd. 

The Lord IS my Shepherd. 

The Lord is MY Shepherd. 

The Lord is my SHEPHERD.

My Shepherd has not told me, “This is what will be on the path. This is what you will learn. This is when the path will end. Will you go with Me?” 

Instead, He says, “I carved this path through the woods for you. I know what is ahead and I see its end. I promise to be with you on every step, at every turn. Your only concern is to follow alongside Me, to hear My voice, and to feel the strength of My arms. Will you go with Me?” 

I take a step because I know my Shepherd. He wraps His arms tightly around me. I relax in His gentle strength. He is my Shepherd. I shall not want. No matter how far the wooded path goes, I will be content because I know He is close. 

A few days have passed since the Lord and I started on the path. The woods get darker and denser. I hear piercing screams of fear and anxiety that tempt me to slow my pace. But clearer in my ear are my Shepherd’s gentle whispers. Stronger is His gentle grasp of my hand. Though on a strenuous path, I am at rest. 

Dear Shepherd, walking in the midst of chaos with You, I find a quiet place. For with You I find stability, rest, and hope on the path you have laid out for me. Amen  

Connie Fink is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Just Between Us.  She and her husband, Dave, live in Northwest, IL.