The Lego Lighthouse

By: Rachel Porier

I got my first Lego set for Christmas, and it was life changing. It was the first gift I received that I really needed to pay attention to, and be present to, to enjoy fully. It was the first gift I got that came in pieces - 538 to be exact. All I had to do was follow the directions to create the desired object. And I had to take it apart if I missed an important step. But I knew that in the end I would have a lighthouse that lit up.

I wondered, “Is that how God sees us?”

He knows that we come in pieces. Sometimes we look at them and think, “Is this really going to make a lighthouse and a killer whale in the end”? And we is this going to work? How is this piece going to help achieve the end goal? But it does. And He knew it all along.

He knew that every piece had a purpose and a place. He knew that sometimes we need to take things apart so they can be put back together the right way. And He is so patient. It took me four hours! And I thought it was going to be a quick 20 minutes. But the good stuff in our lives doesn’t get built in 20 minutes. It takes hours, days, years, really. 

And God just looks at us, smiles, and says, “Yep, it did. And look at how all these pieces turned into this amazing life.”

He knows and knew all along. That’s the part that makes my heart happy every day when the Lego pieces of life may look like they are just a pile of blocks. They aren’t. There is so much potential in those little pieces. Just wait and see. Just trust God's plan.

Rachel Porier is a guest writer of Just Between Us