It's a Pleasure Knowing You, Lord

By: Connie Fink

We are productive people who live fast-paced lives. We keep busy connecting with friends on social media, buying stuff to make life easier, fixing broken stuff, and even planning downtime. These are all good things, but busyness can hide our fears and emptiness. The Lord invites us to a more satisfying place – the place of knowing Him.  

We would like to think that the path to this place is lined with beautiful trees and blooming plants, a carefree walkway. But often it is rutted with roots and rocks. It is narrow, slippery and steep, dark and scary. Our Shepherd loves these paths because that’s where we lean in closer to Him.  

God’s priority is all about wanting you to know Him and have a relationship with Him. He gives you joyful situations so you see His love and goodness. He allows trials to show His faithfulness. As you go through life’s situations, ask: “What do I see of God’s heart in this circumstance?” Everything he leads you through is for the purpose of knowing and trusting Him. 

He desires constant communication with you. This does not require uncluttered space, uninterrupted time, or even solitude. You can enjoy Him in the midst of clutter, busyness, and a room full of people. How? Simply by turning your focus from the task at hand – even for only a few seconds – to acknowledge that His face is still turned toward you. Those few seconds of connection can fill you with peace, gratitude, and hope.

Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of knowing You, for welcoming me. I am at home with You no matter where I am. We talk and listen. I feel treasured here and protected. I conquer and I learn here. I am home whether alone or in a crowd, whether life is calm or chaotic. No better place. No greater joy. Thank You for my forever place with You. Amen.

Connie Fink is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Just Between Us.  She and her husband, Dave, live in Northwest, IL.