Powering Down and Rebooting in His Word

By: Sharon Vaught 

I read an article this week that said, “the average smartphone user touches her phone 2,617 times every day.” That number is disturbing! If it’s correct, I touch my cell phone more often than I clean up around the house, exercise at the gym, or hug my son. I spend more time on my phone than in God’s Word. 

Today, as I read Psalm 119, I noticed that much of the chapter talks about knowing and living by God’s Word and delighting in His commands. All I can think about is the time I’ve wasted! God’s Word needs to trump my phone and my slowness to get up and get into the Scriptures. 
  • Today I choose to leave my phone in the other room. 
  • Today I choose to have my Bible out. 
  • Today I choose to delight over Your Word and obey Your commands. 
  • Today I choose you, Lord, over convenience and entertainment. 
Psalm 119:37 reads, “Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.” Maybe you have a problem with too much technology, or you need to power-down in another area. Do you need God’s help to turn from poor eating habits, spending money unwisely, binge watching movies and TV shows, or seeking out unhealthy relationships?

If you want a good place to start changing these habits, read Psalm 119, which talks about knowing and living out God’s Word. Write down why it is important to know His commands.

I want to be clear that I think smart phones can be a great tool and resource. My concern is our need to always have our phone on us and feeling lost without it. Instead, we need to focus our minds on God’s Word. To feel complete, we must spend time in His presence. 

Today I choose to power down my phone and open my Bible. I want my son to know that his mama obeys God’s commands and has His Word hidden in her heart (vs. 11). I pray that when he gets older he can say he saw me paying more attention to the Bible than my phone. Now that would be a legacy to leave my child!

Sharon Vaught is a guest writer for Just Between Us.