Moms in the Bible

By: Bobbie Wolgemuth

Are there those who respect the Lord? . . . They will enjoy a good life, and their children will inherit the land. (25:12–13) Some Sunday morning take a look at the parents at your church. How engaged are they in the service? Do they look like they’re enthralled with God’s holy presence? Then, the next time you’re at a big ball game, look around at the parents in the stands. How engaged are these people in what’s going on? Or what if a famous person happened to be seated in the stands? Wouldn’t there be a buzz? An electricity in the air?

Maybe the above comparisons aren’t fair, but the point is well taken. Our children are watching what we do. If our kids observe us excitedly talking about our favorite athletic team, or enthusiastic over a celebrity, they’ll begin to believe that sports or fame are worth serious attention. If we get fired up reading about the stock market over breakfast, they’ll get the idea that making money is a big deal. And if they see us sleepily checking our watches or mumbling our way through the hymns during a church service, they’ll decide that knowing God is about as exciting as waiting in a doctor’s office.

It’s likely that your children will be influenced by the passions you demonstrate in front of them. David asks, “Are there those who respect the Lord?” (25:12). Where are the parents who love being in God’s presence, who can’t wait to enjoy their heavenly Father’s nearness? When you find them, look at their kids. Chances are they’ll be easy to spot. They are the children who will inherit what’s truly important.

The excerpt above is found in the pages of the Mom’s Bible: God’s Wisdom for Mothers, with General Editor, Bobbie Wolgemuth. Mom’s Bible gives women an awareness of just how precious and vital they are in God’s plan for the family. Used with permission.


  1. On my Face Book on Saturday I sometimes jot: "TGISBCIT" (Thank God It's Saturday, Because Church Is Tomorrow." Or ♥CHURCH♥) This Blog you had today was encouraging to me that these good passions us moms have can, by God's Grace be caught. Like when I read my One Year Bible daily.

  2. Which book of the bible is the first reference found in, please?

  3. The reference is Psalm 25:12&13. Thanks for catching this! Shelly Esser


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