Our God Is the Incomparable One

By: Bobbie Wolgemuth

"Who has known the mind of the Lord or been able to give him advice?" ~ Isaiah 40:13 (NCV)

As busy moms, when we struggle to balance all of our responsibilities, we can get lost in the frenzy and not see the big picture. A dose of verses 12–14 from Isaiah 40 will awaken our hearts to one certain and stabilizing thing—that God is big enough.

Our God measures the oceans in the cup of His hand; He weighs the mountains on His outstretched arms. Strong nations are like a thin wisp of air to Him. Compared to a sovereign God, we are insignificant. He is the Mighty Creator. He is All Powerful, All-Knowing, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. And yet He loves us with an everlasting love. Now, let’s see, what was it we were fretting about? But sometimes, in our weakness, we forget. We may even dare to give God counsel and try to help Him run things. Isaiah asks,

“Who has known His mind?
 Who can give Him advice?
 Who does He ask for help?”

Reading this, we are reminded of who God is. He has power and wisdom beyond our imagination; and when we truly see Him as He is, we have no choice but to say, “The Lord sits on his throne in heaven. He sees what people do; he keeps his eye on them” (Psalm 11:4, NCV). He’s in control and we can rest.

The excerpt above is found in the pages of the Mom’s Bible: God’s Wisdom for Mothers, with General Editor, Bobbie Wolgemuth. Mom’s Bible gives women an awareness of just how precious and vital they are in God’s plan for the family. Used with permission.