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God Will Be Faithful to You

By: Jill Briscoe

“Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures.”  (Psalm 119:90)

When Communism ruled Eastern Europe, a Christian grandmother found herself in a family of Communists. She lived with her daughter, who was the leader of the party in the area. Her daughter’s child loved her very much, and though the grandmother’s heart was breaking to see her daughter and her husband raising the child as an atheist. She accepted the fact that nothing can happen to a believer outside the will of God, outside His plan. So she set about telling the small child about Him.

This was no easy task. Both the government and her family had forbidden her to tell anyone about the Lord, yet she knew God had called her to tell everyone about Him. Who better to tell her own family than she? God put her in this very family for this very reason. She knew she was in the plan of God, whichever political force happened to be in power.

So she would pull the small c…

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