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Struggle to Love

By: Laura Sandretti
A while ago, I attended a church leaders’ workshop about learning how to love the LGBTQ+ community. I was reminded that when I avoid and condemn LGBTQ+ folks, I have no chance of sharing Christ’s love with them. I do not need to approve of the choices of a person identifying as LGBTQ+, but I am called to accept them. Though some believe it’s contradictory to the gospel to love LGBTQ+ folks, showing them love and acceptance actually fulfills it. I understood and agreed with most of this, and I want to love the gay community, but there’s a problem. When I watched Johnny Weir during the Olympics wearing women’s clothing nicer than mine, or when I encounter a loud male barista talking effeminately, I’m uncomfortable. I’m not around many LGBTQ+ folks, don’t have many gay friends or family, and it’s not something I grew up with. I know some readers will chafe at my honesty. But when we fail to be, we fail to relate, learn, and grow.  I was also uncomfortable when I was earn…

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