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Caring About the Poor

By: Jill Briscoe

I once asked a Salvation Army officer the question, “Who are the poor?”He answered me quickly and surely.“Those who are unable to care for themselves because they lack the basic necessities of life.”“Then, what are the basic necessities?”I inquired.“Food, shelter, clothing, and work—the means of providing those things,” he replied.

Who are the poor?The poor are the majority of the two hundred thousand people that will be born today in the Third and Fourth Worlds.These are the have-not people who are multiplying with terrifying rapidity.The population explosion means that 1 billion people will go to bed hungry tonight, and fifteen thousand will not wake up tomorrow morning.

During a recent flight, as I was recording some of these facts, I noticed a smartly dressed young business executive type watching me with interest.I shared some of my findings with him, whereupon he simply shrugged his shoulders and commented, “If I saw those people in those countries doing an honest …

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