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Facing God's Truth

By: Jill Briscoe

Years ago, I was wrestling with some private pain. First my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Then God “added sorrow to my pain.” We were in missions, and the work meant that my husband was traveling for the mission for long periods of time. I struggled with the sorrow over my dad and with constantly missing my husband, but I did not feel that I could tell anyone about it. After all, Joan, my senior missionary, was in the same situation, and she seemed to cope all right. She toughed it out just fine while I was hiding my feelings and turning a brave face to the world. Actually, I became quite proud of the fact that nobody really knew what was going on inside me. I determined to keep it that way. I knew that God knew, but I had stopped talking to Him about it. I believed that He had told my friend, the senior missionary’s wife, merely to toughen up. I knew that would be the message for me as well.

As I nursed my growing resentment against the mission, and obliquely against …

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