Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Deep Down in My Life

Dear Friends,
We’ll soon be celebrating New Year’s Day.  As I look out across another year with all its known and unknown challenges, I remind myself that what transpires for God and for good as far as my small life is concerned, depends on what happens “deep down in my life”.  How do I go deeper, reach further, climb higher, cling closer, dream bigger, and be seen to be empowered by the Spirit, in touch with the risen Christ, with an unmistakably evident relationship with the Father – deep down in my life?  In other words, what does it mean to live in the present reality of the living God?
I know there is absolutely no way I can do the work I’ve committed to do on the “outside” of me, unless God is doing the work He has committed to do on the “inside” of me.  I simply need to give Him permission to be who He is, in each and every area of my heart and life!  This is my prayer not only for me, but also for you my friends.
Dear Lord, hear my heart.  I give You full permission to be who You want to be, as “deep down” in my life as You wish to go!  Amen.


Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine

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