Sunday, August 28, 2016

Did I Miss God's Will?

Dear Friends,

Finding the will of God for our lives should be easy. After all, we know and love the Lord and want to serve Him. Yet around the corner of our surrender to the Lord we sometimes find confusion and regrets. “Did we miss the turn in the road?” a young pastor asked me. “Things have not been as we were led to believe they would be.”

Around our glad, “Yes Lord, anytime anywhere any way,” may be a day that finds us saying, “Oh no Lord, I never expected this!”

My husband was addressing the questions of a crowd of British teenagers who wanted to know just how they could know the will of God for their lives. He gave a great illustration. “Life is like a runway,” he said. “Before a plane lands it helps to have the lights that lead up to the runway lit before you land.” Then he talked about some of those landing lights. 

The advice of Christians. Seek out Christians who are a little bit further along the road of faith than you are. It also helps if they know you well.

Inner convictions. This is different than feelings. The Holy Spirit does not come into our lives to do His deepest work in the shallowest part of us, which is in our emotions. He comes to do His illuminating work in the deepest part of us which is in our knowings - our convictions.

The Word of God. Principles from the Word will help us know His will. As we diligently keep our head in the Book a line of action will be confirmed.

Circumstances. How are the circumstances pointing?

Common sense. God expects us to use our reasoned judgment, which is another word for common sense.

Honesty. Ask yourself, “Do I really want to know the will of God whatever it is?”

Once as many of these lights as possible are lit, then land on the runway, asking God to, if you have misread the lights, abort your landing! 

“What happens if you land and you find you shouldn’t have?” inquired a young girl. 

“The Christian life is like a freeway not a tightrope,” my husband explained, changing the analogy. “There is plenty of room to crash, bump up against the fence, right the car and continue on your way a little bruised, but sadder and wiser!”

I have found that God is far more anxious to have us get it right than we are! Just because things are difficult doesn’t necessarily mean that you took the wrong turn. Jesus said, “I am the way.” Follow Him as best as you can and He will never leave you nor forsake you.


Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine

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