Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Have a Go!

Dear Friends,

In Britain we have a saying: “Have a go!” It means you may not think you have a chance of making something work, but if the “something” is worth the chance, you should “have a go!” I have found Americans reticent about “having a go.” If they can’t do it well, they must not do it at all, or so the argument goes.

It takes more grace to say yes to such opportunities than it does to say no. It takes the grace of God to “have a go” at a spiritual challenge that seems totally beyond us. I have found, however, that in trying to meet needs that I have felt I was not qualified to meet, I have had to depend more on God. When I depend more on God, I receive even more grace than when I worked within my own gifting!

Shortly after coming to America and taking the pastorate, I found myself facing so many needs I thought I was not gifted for, and I became greatly discouraged. I wanted to go back to England! But we don’t have the luxury of “going back to England” every time we feel discouraged! I realized I couldn’t choose to respond only to the things I knew I could do well because I was gifted to do them. This was especially true in the area of evangelism. The need is so great that evangelism is a situation that requires “all hands on deck.” The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and whether I am gifted or not, I can at least raise my voice above the noise and warn people where they are headed. My voice may not be pretty, but it can be loud! After all, if you see someone about to walk blindly over a cliff, it doesn’t matter how well you shout to warn them of the danger but only that you shout!

Any one of us can do the same. If we can read, we can read the Word of God to people who need to hear it. If we can talk, we can speak the Word of God. Have a go, don’t be afraid to fail, ask God to show you what risk He wants you to take today and say yes!

With joy,

Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine

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