Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter without Christmas

Dear Friends,

While walking around the shopping mall during the Christmas season one year, I was reminded of our trips to the Holy Land. These were whirlwind trips, and we would be exhausted by the end of each day. I recall asking an older gentleman, “Did you enjoy the tour today?” He replied, “Today I ran where Jesus walked!” And Christmas time at the mall can make you feel just like that. Worst of all, most of the time it’s winter without Christmas.

Despite the charming Christmas music and bright displays, winter sometimes prevails. While people race through this holiday period, disillusionment, anxiety, and depression often tighten their icy grip on human hearts. Many people don’t’ realize that we can choose to have Christmas in the winter of our hearts, right now.

I remember years ago my mother traveling from her beautiful home in England’s lake district to visit us in our tiny cottage. We were serving a youth center at the time, and we didn’t have much money. Yet when my mother left, she quietly and wistfully said to me, “God lives here, doesn’t He, Jill?” I said, “Yes, Mom.” And I went on to say, as gently as I could, “I’d rather live in my cottage with Jesus than in my castle without Him.” She and I both knew that I had lived in a beautiful manor house—like a castle. But we were both learning that a person is more than the things he or she possesses.

We are more than what we buy and possess. We are more than our celebrations. When we worry over the Christmas expenses and exhaust ourselves trying to keep everything up and running for all the family events, let us remember that this is merely winter. The cold winds of winter constantly whirl around us. But we can invite Christmas into our hearts during this and all other seasons.

Pause in the midst of the frantic holiday pace and praise God for Christmas. Make room for Christmas in winter.

In His Joy,

Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor

Just Between Us Magazine

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