Monday, October 7, 2013

When Trials Touch Those We Love

Dear Friends,

In the life of Job, the “everything” that Satan was permitted to touch included Job’s precious children.  Possessions are one thing, but people are quite another – especially people whom we love very much.  As Henry Gariepy says in his excellent book about Job, Portraits of Perseverance,

“We will not only have our own problems – the problems of those we love and care for and for whom we have such high hopes and dreams, hit us with full force as well.  When tragedy strikes them, the quakes in their lives are registered on the Richter Scale of our own hearts.”

I know that in my own experience I do a halfway decent job of trusting the Lord until something touches one of our children.  In a way, our children are my Achilles’ heel, and Satan knows it!  I have always worried about the kids.  When they were little, I worried that they would fall into the washing machine and drown.  When they were teenagers, I worried about the friendships they made.  When they went away to college, I worried about the life partners they would choose, and when none of my worries materialized (and it has been said that 90 percent of our worries and fears never do), I began to worry all over again about their children falling into the washing machine and drowning – and so on!  Like Job, I pray fervently for them, but I have seldom been free from the “dread” Job experienced and testifies to in chapter 3:25-26. 

Only recently has God released me from this fear.  Partly, the acceptance of the fact that trouble, in some measure will come, has helped.  But more important, peace has grown out of the conviction that when, not if trouble comes, God will Himself be all that my children need in order to cope.

What loved one are you agonizing over today?  Surrender your loved one over to the Lord, trusting Him to be all your loved one needs in the midst of this difficult trial. God is close to the brokenhearted!  Pray that God will give you peace and spectator grace as you watch your loved one suffer.


Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine

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  1. Thank you Jill ---I needed to read this today. I thank the Father for reminding me of who is "running the show"