Monday, November 12, 2012

Belief Matters!

Dear Friend,

What you believe is all tied up with who you believe!

Years ago I spoke to a young European woman who was into all the Western philosophies. Astrology seemed to be the favorite.

It was just before Christmas and she asked me what I believed and why I believed it.  She confided she was looking for a reason for which to live and to die.  "I want so badly to know what to believe," she said.  She hadn't found the answer.

"It's not what but who," I said.  She looked at me inquiringly.

I reminded her of the Christmas story and how astrologers -- philosophers from Persia -- traveled hundreds of miles to kneel at a crib of a poor baby boy.

"Why would such important religious teachers from another culture bow the knee to a baby born in a stable?" I asked her.  She shook her head.  "Because of who they believed Him to be," I answered.  "When you find out who that baby is, you'll find what to believe and what you are looking for.  He will tell you the true truth.  If He is God, then we can trust and believe what He said."

Then I explained, "That's why I'm a convinced Christian.  What I believe has credibility because of who said it.  If Jesus is God, what He said is truth.  It's trustworthy."

When my youngest son, Pete, was in grade school, he loved words and had a great sense of drama -- even in those days!  I found him in a corner of his room writing hard.

"What are you writing?" I asked.

"A book," he answered without looking up.

"A book?  What about?"

"About God."


"So people will read it and know about Him."

These many years later, Pete has finished his book, Belief Matters!

Pete understands this generation of adults.  Not because he's learned how to talk to them, but because he's one of them.  Pete challenges the myth that it's okay to believe whatever you want to believe if you believe it in sincerity.

As Pete explains, a sincere belief can be sincerely wrong.  Pete says, "Unless we know what is true about God, our distorted beliefs will cripple our experience."

Understanding what you believe is more crucial than ever, especially in these times.  We need to know why we  believe, but more importantly in who because Belief Matters!


Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine


  1. Yep, it's the difference between life & death...
    ~Leslie Dawn

  2. So very true. We need to read the word for ourselves because sometimes distortions are presented as truth. We need to be as Bereans and check things out these days when there is much shallowness to what is taught by some in order to draw in the masses.