Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Worth Getting Worked Up About?

Dear Friends,

Writing about football is definitely a first for me and I’m sure you’re thinking right about now, “Why do I want to read about football in a woman’s blog?” – but stay with me! Being a Wisconsinite I recently was reminded again about just how rabid Green Bay Packer fans are especially when the Packers play on Monday Night Football. (I’m sure the whole world now knows about this past Monday night’s game!)  I couldn’t believe it when I awoke to hear how the entire social media universe was ablaze with outrage over a call “replacement referees” made that cost the Packers the game. To say people were angry is an understatement. They were worked up on every level. Twitters and Facebook pages were devoted to passing out phone numbers you could call in protest, interview after interview showcased shocked fans, and anger permeated the airwaves. 

What troubled me as I looked at how much news time, both locally and nationally, was devoted to this and the urgency people felt to do something about this injustice (the Packers should have won) is how little most of us are really moved to this same degree about the things that really do matter in this life – the genuine injustices in our world. When was the last time Twitter was ablaze by outraged people about the thousands of people dying on a daily basis who will enter a lost  eternity, or the millions of babies who are regularly discarded like garbage, or the 2.1 million AIDS-orphaned children in Africa alone who will never feel the embrace or love of a Mommy or Daddy, or the thousands of young girls robbed of their innocence being sold into sex slavery right here under our noses and around the globe? Where are the Twitter messages, phone numbers, and outrage for these injustices? When is the last time local and national airtime was devoted to such life and death issues? Instead, we’re using all of our valuable energy and resources to get upset over a game. It’s not life and death, it doesn’t affect eternity, and it won’t make a difference in changing the world for Christ.  

In the aftermath of all of this, I have felt the Holy Spirit’s conviction in my own heart. Have I just been sleeping my way through life and the things that break God’s heart preoccupied with things that really don’t matter? My heart should be broken by the things that break God’s heart and moved to take action, much like the crazed and upset fans are doing in the aftermath of this “injustice” of a lost football game. Isaiah 1:17 says, “Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” Now these are things to get worked up about – the real injustices around us.  But we get so distracted, don’t we?  It’s so easy to get worked up about the “temporal” things of this world at the grave expense of the eternal things that really matter. Jesus was all about living with eternity in focus. Everything He did with His time, His energy, His interactions with people was all about the things that lasted, not the things that eventually pass away.  Especially today, we need to devote our lives to causes that make a difference, we need to take to the airwaves and social media fighting the real injustices that will change or save a life for eternity. 

What things are you getting worked up about? It’s a question we all need to wrestle with. May God give us the courage and commitment to give our lives to the things that really matter!

For His cause,

Shelly Esser   
Editor/Just Between Us Magazine 

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  1. Very well said Shelly! Lately I've been convicted about the shallowness of love in my own heart. Sure, I believe I love God, my family and others, but what does that really look like? It's easiest to love those who love you. It's easiest to love God in gratitude for all He does for us, but do we do the hard things? Consistantly? Lord, help us. ~Erika Evans (trouble with selecting a field for "comment as", so I settled for anonymous :))