Monday, June 11, 2012

Down in My Life

Dear Friends,

As I look ahead daily with all its known and unknown challenges, I remind myself that what transpires for God and for good, as far as my small life is concerned, depends on what happens “down in my life.”  How do I go deeper, reach further, climb higher, cling closer, dream bigger, and be seen to be empowered by the Spirit, in touch with the risen Christ, with an unmistakably evident relationship with the Father—deep down in my life?  How do we, in other words, live in the present reality of the living God?

I know there is absolutely no way I can do the work I’ve committed to do on the ‘outside’ of me, unless God is doing the work He has committed to do on the ‘inside’ of me.  I simply need to give Him permission to be who He is, as deep down as He wishes to go!  This is my prayer not only for me, but also for you, my friends.

Down in My Life

Down in my life where it’s restless and wild,
Down in my life where the adult’s a child,
Down in my fears and worries and care
Suddenly Jesus is there.
Touching my heart strings He sings me a song,
Quiets the child till she’s stead and strong,
Banishes worries—just smiles them away
Turning my night into day.

Down in my life where the troubles run deep,
Down in my life when I can’t get to sleep,
Down in my life when life isn’t fair,
Suddenly Jesus is there.
Rebuking the turmoil He sends it away,
Gives peace in the panic and helps me to pray,
Turns sorrow to praising, surprises my pain,
And bids me to face life again.

Down in my life where I’m lonely and old,
Deep in my heart when my spirit is cold,
Down in my life when I don’t know what’s best
Suddenly Jesus gives rest.

“Gift doesn’t age” He remarks with a smile,
“I’ll set your soul dancing and make life worthwhile,
I’ll guide you in righteousness: wisdom’s delight:
And nerve your faint heart for the fight.”

He stands in my shadows and the light on His face
Reflects all His love and His mercy and grace
Right down in my life where nobody goes:
Deep in “this” heart the Lord knows.
Down in my life where it’s restless and wild,
Down in my life where the adult’s a child,
Down in my soul I’m acutely aware
Suddenly Jesus is there!
                                    ©Copyright 2007 Jill Briscoe


Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine  


  1. Hello Jill, Yes the inner man is renewed day by day & knowing you Jill makes me want to play:)
    I want to share a slice of my life with you too. I just jotted this note to Mary Kassian on the Revive Our Heart Blog:Mary, I took notes, you have a gift for making the Bible fun. And for making it understandable. Thanks be to God! I told a neighbor how God is nurturing, as she never saw what a good father was. When I was younger, I had a chemical imbalance due to too much estrogen during pregnancy. I had panic attacks. I was also raising gouldian finches, and my lungs were messed up due to their gander. I would lie on the floor , hardly able to breath. I was afraid of weird things like colors. I had to be taken to the bathroom. I was so afraid. I would go on my knees & sing hymns to God to bring light into my darkness. I would meet people with this condition who had it for life. I remember one night when I went to sleep & awoke knowing full well that I was on the breast of my Heavenly Father all night. I was soaked with sweat and had a deep sense of satisfaction. I nursed 11 babies, and know. Because I really knew. It was so wonderful!!!!
    Just as you were a bit nervous when your dad caught you, we fear God, knowing He is good. We will reap what we sow. The apostles needed that fear to keep in line. But I love what Dr. J. Vernon McGee said. He was caught with the naughty boys. And the teacher was to whip them. One boy gave him advice. "Get as close as you can to the teacher & it will hurt less." Well, he climbed up on his lap & snuggled in. And hardly felt it. So I was thinking, and prayed. "Father, I know I need a spanking, could You make me so close that I don't feel it???" ~ Well, just after that Zoom, zoom zoom & it was done & I learned a lesson too.
    You would do a great job teaching doctrine for kids. And like Nancy (& I) love those lullaby hymns, we would love your teaching us like children. It would sink in.

  2. Loved the peaceful reflection brought through the words of your poetry.

  3. Awesome poem. It has blessed me tremendously. Now I know I'm not the only one. Many blessings.