Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding Peace as You Trust & Obey Christ

Dear Friends,

And His name will be called…Prince of Peace. ~ Isaiah 9:6

When Jesus Christ has authority over us and when the government of our lives is upon His shoulder, then the Rule of Peace ensues.

Once Stuart and I were invited to go snorkeling in the Cayman Islands.  We ventured out beyond the reef, accompanied by some young experts who swam as well as the fish they chased to the depths with their spear guns.  “Don’t worry, Mrs. Briscoe,” they said, seeing my frightened face. “We’ll be your guardian angels!”  So saying, they threw the anchor overboard and followed it!  Hastily abandoning ship to keep up, Stuart and I followed suit.  Never having snorkeled, I drank lots of ocean and met lots of fish I never knew existed.  Ever so often I came up for air.  It was rough being on top of the waves, but on the other hand, it was peaceful in the depths!  Our “guardian angels” had disappeared, chasing their prey and leaving their prey chasing us!  As soon as I panicked and tried to stay on top of the water, I nearly drowned.  When I obeyed the scanty instructions I had received and dived deep, I had peace-even among my new “friends.”

That’s how it is when you follow Jesus.  If you go deep enough, it will be still enough.  We need to do what we are told!  “In the world,” Jesus said, “you will have tribulation” (that’s like being battered to bits on the top of the ocean), but “in Me, ye shall have peace” (that’s like obeying instructions and diving deep!) (John 16:33).


Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor

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