Monday, April 18, 2011

The Cross of Easter

Dear Friends,

Another Good Friday.  Time to wonder anew at the price of my redemption.  Oh God, only through the cross can we enter heaven.  Don’t let me ever forget it!

Shadows dress Him like a shroud
Stones that watch Him cry out loud;
Trees a thousand years in age
Bow their heads in silent rage.

Earth refreshed by Jesus’ grief
Quakes in angry unbelief.
Birds restrain their song in awe
Little creatures play no more.
All creation holds its breath
As He who gave life faces death!

See Him now –
A broken-hearted Christ upon a cross, bent in the shape of my sin.
Eternity’s vaults emptied of their greatest treasure,
Aching with the pain of purchase,
Wait for the long journey down, down and down to be

Darkened with death’s breath, the world waits.

God’s child arched in agony refuses to stop loving us all.
Wrapped in swathing bands of pain,
Careless of hell’s happiness, He hangs, He hurts, He dies.

After penning my thought, I looked at The Front Door.  Why had I never noticed it before?  It was in the shape of a cross!

Lord, only through the cross can I enter;
Only through the cross
am I saved. You are the
door of the sheepfold.
ThankYou. Your loving child. Jill.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Jill Briscoe 
Executive Editor

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