Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He Is Kind and Merciful


He Is Kind and Merciful

Psalm 103:1–5

Our children need to know of God’s mercy, kindness, and goodness. And they need to hear words from our lips, thanking the One who forgives our sins, heals us, saves us, blesses us, satisfies us, and renews us. In everyday conversations, we can respond to little kindnesses of the Lord with, “Isn’t God amazing?” or “Thank You, Lord!” as naturally as we say “Good morning” to our children.

We can choose between two attitudes—either arrogance (thinking that our accomplishments are because of something we muster up on our own) or humility (realizing every breath we take is because of God’s mercy). Nothing we’ve ever done can ever make us worthy of the incredible love of God. Because a mother’s attitude is picked up by her children, let them hear you praise the Lord. He is kind. He is very kind.

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  1. This is so true! I know that I need to hear that Jesus loves ME and forgives ME, and since that is true, I think how much do my kids need to hear that!!!