Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Lifestyle Needs to be Different!

Dear Friends,

This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind. ~ Ephesians 4:17

A warning is necessary if you are a new Christian living among old pagans. Your lifestyle has to be different! How do the pagan nations live? People wander in a world of illusion and futility (see Eph. 4:18). Love has become lust, and their darkened understanding says that what is temporal is eternal, and what is eternal is irrelevant. Spiritual experience is not for people living in the real world, they say!

This worldly thinking is the result of a callousness of heart (see Eph. 4:18). People sin and get away with it, then stick out their chins and say, “See, the sky didn’t fall on my head!” They are greedy, wanting more of everything even though they have most everything. They indulge in outrageous conduct, living without care for high personal standards or social sanctions, and they have a passion for sexual indulgence at the expense of others. This is how the nations without Christ walk about this earth. They become so indifferent even to the sanctity of human life that they reduce everything to the mighty dollar.

The story is told of a man’s watching another man drown in Hong Kong harbor. The drowning man begged the observer to jump in and save him, but the man refused until a passer-by offered him some money! Not every unbeliever behaves in such a callous way, but every unbeliever, with no mighty checking power within, has the potential for all of the above. Alone against the foe, the Christless one is easy prey.

In His Love,

Jill Briscoe


  1. Thank you so much for your candor and clear handling of the Words we build our lives on. Your blog is an encouragement to me.

  2. Laurie's care-giver Jessica is just a year younger than Laurie. She is new to Christianity. She hasn't gotten baptised yet. Please pray for her to read her Bible. I got her an electronic reader too.
    She is perhaps having a chemical imbalance. She plans on going to the doctor. I hope they don't send her to an ungodly person for counsel and get her on the wrong medication. I give our daughter costly liquid vitamins. And I stopped buying them for Jessica. She had her own. But they are not as good. I feel bad as you mentioned the unbeliever who cared more for money than people. I have been so wrong.
    Her mom died when she was a little girl and her dad is ungodly & dying, and we pray for him and my dad to get saved. She lives @ her BF's mom's home down the street. She is glad to have a wage and medical insurance.
    I prayed for a helper and found Jessica originally at a garage sale:-) My husband has the same name as her dad. God is so good♥ She loves our Laurie. She is like a daughter to me.

  3. Dear Jessica, I am praying for you to have discernment in your situation and that you are a light in this this young woman's life. What a blessing for her to have you to nurture and pray for her.

    The issue of holiness is one which I really especially love teaching on. This post was such a challenge to me to examine my actions and see if my light is shining for others to find God.I am just being so encouraged by your blogposts Jill and the JBU ministry, thank you for the time and care you put into teaching and directing women to Christ, Have a wonderful day,