Monday, August 30, 2010

Cultivating Contentment

Dear Friends,

Statistics show that a large percentage of ministry wives don’t like what they do! If there is that much discontentment, there is no question there will be discontented spouses as well. We cannot go cold as a Christian without lowering the temperature of everyone else around us.

Discontented believers do not encourage unbelievers to believe! They do not excite believers to develop an exuberant faith. What’s more, discontentment shows and that’s not good. You can’t hide unhappiness of soul. You may be going through the motions of ministry because you know how to do it, but if there’s no joy there’s not much hope of infectious multiplication in evangelism or spiritual growth in the church. What can we do to find contentment in ministry?

Confess your discontentment. Paul said “learn to be content” in Philippians 4. And confession is a good place to start.

Order your private life. Check your priorities, talk them over with your partners or close friends.

Nourish your relationships. Do you have a friend who can encourage and challenge you? Will she call you on your discontented attitude?

Try counting your blessings, not your troubles! Counting “a blessing a day keeps the devil away!”

Expect the devil to whisper discouraging things in your ear. Answer him with words of Scripture – like Jesus did (Matthew 4).

Nurture your prayer life. This is where the battle is won.

Trust God. Let resentment go. Forgive your enemies (and your friends). Accept adversity cheerfully. Don’t play God!

How can a child of the King have a sour face? Live royally – it’s your birthright.

In His Joy,

Jill Briscoe
Executive Editor
Just Between Us Magazine


  1. Thank you Jill, for a much better perspective. (And to think that I live at Lake "JOY"...who would of known.)

  2. This is so good; so true. Thank you for helping us be transparent, and thank you especially for giving us hope and good instruction on countering the challenges we face in our own ministries and marriages. Your good words and encouragement bless me. :)

  3. Just taking a break from home schooling because my "discontentment is showing" and I needed a time-out. This is exactly what I needed to read during my break. Thank you.

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