Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Between Us Magazine Daily Quote

Somehow we must reorient our lives to God. We must learn to see things from his perspective. We must allow Him to develop His character in us. We must let Him reveal His thoughts to us. Only then can we get a proper perspective on life.

~ Henry T. Blackaby

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  1. It is hard to not want relief our way. God's thoughts are so far above ours. I need to pray for God to help me to learn to lean on Him through life's trials.
    And how can I learn His perspective if I'm only talking to Him & not daily listening to Him by reading the 4 or so pages in my One Year Bible(?)
    I've been jotting the year ('10) down on the day & can see when I miss reading portions. If I miss 15 days I write:(-'10 (15 days late)God is helping me to read daily lately. People must be praying for me to renew my mind:-)