Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Insights: Busy, Busy

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Psalm 46: 8 – 11, NCV

Life can be a frenzied blur. The list of our duties as a wife and mom seems never-ending and never-finished, doesn’t it? Taking care of our homes, trying to stay on a budget, working in a job inside or outside our homes, volunteering at church and at our child’s school, staying fit, and striving to love our husbands well and raise our children to love the Lord are all important.

We try to keep them going, just like a juggler struggles to keep his plates spinning lest they fall and break. Here’s another assignment. Find time to be still.

Give yourself permission to be quiet.

Turn off the television and the computer.

Silence your cell phone.

Take a deep breath and listen to the quiet.

Remember that our God, who created the world, modeled this quiet rest for us (Genesis 2:2). And Jesus, knowing He needed time with the Father to complete His earthly mission, went early in the morning to a quiet place, alone, to pray (Mark 1:35).

What is the purpose for our stillness? A time of quiet reminds us who God is . . . and we can rest in that (Psalm 46: 10).

Excerpt taken from Mom’s Bible: God’s Wisdom for Mothers
General Editor Bobbie Wolgemuth
Published by Thomas Nelson

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